Web Promotion

Internal audit of the site

competitor analysis

semantic core

site optimization

Configuring Analytical Systems

link building

Integrated and flexible approach


Our team develops a unified strategy for website promotion in search engines. It includes the most effective methods and ways to achieve the goal.


We analyze the niche and competitors, on the basis of which we form a plan of action for promotion. Be sure to predict the results of activities and the timing of their achievement for each site.


Website optimization is a necessary and important stage of promotion. Within the scope of the work, we will:

  • Internal audit of the site
  • We will compose a semantic core
  • Optimize metadata (titles, discs)
  • Configure robots.txt and sitemap
  • Create a micro
  • We will establish systems of analytics
  • Optimize headlines
  • We will write unique texts
  • Adjust the CNC
  • We will make contextual relinking
  • Eliminate technical errors

The growth in the number of visitors to the site is one of the results of activities to promote the site. The more number of requests for which the site is, in the TOP, the more visits.

Important point: we are working on attracting targeted traffic. That is, we attract those visitors who are interested in your offer, and they are likely to become your customers.

Depending on the subject of the project and the goals set, we are promoting the site on an agreed list of keywords. It can include low, mid and high frequency keys.

Properly built promotion strategy allows you to bring in 70% -80% of Google / Yandex’s top 10 already in 5-6 months.

Our task is not only to increase the site’s performance, but also to do everything possible to convert its visitors to customers. To this end, we analyze the usability of the site and give recommendations for its improvement, if necessary.

What we pay attention to:

  • Clear and easy navigation
  • Available information
  • Availability of capture forms
  • Motivating factors

The quality and results of the work are constantly monitored. We monitor:

  • Change the position of the site
  • Traffic
  • Behavioral factors

The results of the promotion are provided to the client in the form of a detailed and understandable report once a month. All information is accessible and transparent.

Tariff plans should be specified with a standard approach or a package of services. Our studio in the formation of the budget and the deadline for projects on promotion is suitable individually. Because the cost is affected by the factors:

  • Competitiveness of subjects
  • Region of advancement
  • Age of site
  • Number of promotions
  • Current project positions
  • Availability of filters
  • External factors: new search engine algorithms

Taking into account these factors, we calculate the optimal promotion budget (which will allow us to achieve our goals in the specified time frame) and offer the client.

Responsibility for result

Payment. Timing. Guarantees.

The contract specifies all the key points of work on the project, which is the guarantor of the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the studio.

All proprietary rights to the product developed by the studio belong to the customer. We transfer all access data to the client.

We ensure complete confidentiality in the process of project development and after its launch. We keep commercial secrets.

The studio guarantees information security, we do not transfer data to third parties, we provide data protection.

The cost, terms and the list of works listed in the Agreement and Terms of Reference are strictly observed and implemented.