Services for setting up, managing advertising campaigns in Google Adwords

site audit

for compliance and readiness to launch advertising

Market analysis

we study the niche, the demand of the target audience, competitors

Key inquiries

collect semantics – commercial keys

Setting up an AC

set up an account, create ads, add negative keywords

Advertising campaign

monitoring of the work of advertising, campaign optimization


analyze results and increase efficiency

We offer for business

google adwordsGoogle Adwords

We provide services for setting up and maintaining an advertising campaign in Google Adwords for websites and online stores. We audit existing campaigns and optimize them, reducing the cost of advertising and increasing the conversion.

Advertising Campaign

Preparation of an advertising campaign is the most important stage, within the framework of which we perform site audit, market analysis.

As a result, we prepare recommendations for the improvement of the site (if necessary) and develop a strategy for promoting goods / services within the framework of the market analysis.

Setting up an advertising campaign takes from 1 to 4 days. The most time is needed to prepare a campaign for an online store is the more groups of products for advertising, the longer the time.

The main task that we solve in the context of setting up the marketing analysis is to minimize the cost of attracting the client, to maximally cover the target audience, and it is advantage for us to present your proposal.

After the account is replenished, the campaign is ready to be launched:

  • Final check of the market analysis.
  • Setting daily spending limit.
  • Launch of advertising.

Please note that when planning the advertising budget, you need to consider that Google Adwords removes 20% of the tax on the amount transferred for advertising.